Luchir Payesh or Poori Ki Kheer (Indian fried flat bread simmered in thickened milk.)

Today is Janmastami.Janmashtami  also known as Krishnashtami, Gokulashtami  and many more.Janmashtami, is an annual celebration of the birth of the Hindu God  Krishna.

I am celebrating  this auspicious  day with traditional Bengali sweet.'Luchir Payesh'.
Though now days this recipe is getting lost from many Bengali kitchen gradually. Luchi is a deep-fried flatbread made of all purpose Flour or Maida.
 It is very popular in West Bengal,Assam and Odissa.The difference between luchi and  poori is,poori made with atta or wheat flour and luchi made with  all purpose flour or maida.Payesh means  'kheer',so 'Luchir Payesh' means  luchi or poori or Indian puffed fried flat bread simmered in thickened  milk.It is a very delicious and easy recipe.You can make it using leftover luchi or poori or you can make  with fresh poori or luchi also. Here I used fresh small luchis or pooris  just to keep the shape remain same of luchi or poori in payesh or kheer.If you want you can make big normal size luchi or poori ,then tear into pieces  and use.

Cuisine -Bengali  Dessert
Preparation Time -15 Minutes 
Cooking Time -25 Minutes 
Inactive Time-2 hours
Servings -2


Milk-1/2 litre
Condensed  milk -1/2cup(or you can use 1/2cup grated  crumbled  mawa or khoya)
Sugar-2 tablespoons
cardamon  powder-1/2teaspoon
Luchi or poori-8 to 9 ( it should be light brown crispy and small )
Pista or Pistachios -6(cut into pieces )(for garnishing )
Varak or Silver Strand-Few

Take a heavy bottomed vessel,preferably  non stick,add milk for kheer or payesh.

Bring it to boil ,when milk will start boiling, simmer the gas, add cardamom powder.

Let it simmer till reduced to half the original quantity of milk,stirring in between.

Once the milk thickens a little bit add the condensed milk and mix

Add sugar, stir and simmer till it dissolves.

Add the luchis  or pooris one by one,press slightly with the back of the ladle to dip them into the milk properly,mix carefully. Add all the luchis or pooris in the same way. Simmer for two minutes.

Switch off the flame and cover the pan.Let it be cool for 2 hours. Luchi or Poori would soak a adequate amount of milk
so it is necessary to adjust the quantity of your luchi and poori and milk.If it becomes dry then add some extra thickened milk.

Garnish  with chopped  pistachios and varak.If you want you can add some cashew nut and raising.

For Luchi recipe,please click here.

You can make this recipe  with poori also,but it taste good with Luchi.

You can add crumbled mawa or  khoya instead  of condensed  milk.

                             Pictorial Recipe 

               Add milk in a pan and bring it to boil
         Simmer the gas and add cardamom  powder 
  Once the milk thickens a little bit add the condensed                               milk and mix 

            Add sugar, stir and simmer till it dissolves.
                      See my tiny luchis or pooris
Add the luchis  or pooris one by one.Simmer for two minutes.
Let the luchis or pooris  soak the adequate  quantity  of milk for 2 hours


  1. Lovely presentation...eta amader bari left over luchi diye hoto

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  3. Never knew such a dessert existed. But it is something unique, something I am excited to see and something I would also love to try out. Great.

  4. I am literally drooling. We call it appi payasam. Looks delicious!

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