Whipped cream is a great topping  for dessert, cake,cookies etc . In India it is not easily  available in the market.Here we get low fat cream  like Amul Fresh Cream. It is to be said that Whipped  cream  can not be made by using this low fat cream,but my daughter loves whipped cream on her cake,cup cake,cookies. .so whenever  I make cake,cupcakes  at home she wants all these with a dollop  of  Whipped cream.So I tried  to  make  whipped cream  by using Amul Fresh Cream  at home and I succeed.Today
I am going to share step by step recipe of  Whipped Cream at home  by using Amul Fresh Cream.

Whipped cream is cream that has been beaten by a electric  mixer, whisk until it is light and fluffy.  All you need is  two chilled bowl and a whisk (or electric mixer) , cold cream, some powdered sugar,  and few minutes of your time.

If you use any dairy whipped cream  or store bought whipped cream  like Pillsbury Vanilla Whipped Cream  .then you have to whip following  this method...without whipping  it can not be fluffy.

Preparation Time-10 minutes 
Making Time -20 minutes 
Servings -2cups Whipped Cream from 1 cup Fresh Cream 


Low Fat Cream -1 pack

Icing or Powdered sugar -2 tbsp(for home made Icing sugar. .follow the recipe link

Vanilla essence-1tsp (if you want flavoured
 whipped cream )

Bowls-(one big and other one comparatively  smaller

Ice Cubes-7-8 pieces

Electric  beater or Hand Whisk -1pc


Put cream  in refrigerator ...chill the cream for atleast 1 hour....as the cream  has to be very cold for whipping.

Place the small mixing bowl and hand whisk into the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes, if you use electric beater then no need to put in fridge. 

Fill the big bowl with ice cubes. .

Take out the small bowl and whisk  from fridge. .put the small bowl in the ice cubes filled  big bowl (as shown in the picture)

Take out  cream  from refrigerator.. ..pour the cream into a bowl through  a strainer. .in that way, thick cream  will be separated  from  thin or watery cream.

Pour the thick cream  into the small bowl and start whipping the cream  using a electric  beater or hand whisk. .if you use electric beater. .do whipping your cream  at medium  speed..it will take 10 minute.....if you use hand whisk...then it will take 15 to 20 minutes  to get  a fluffy  whipped cream. ..

after 5 minutes,add powdered  sugar...and vanilla  essence. .if you want you can add any other flavour of essence. ..or if you want your whipped cream without any flavour. .then do not need to   add any essence.

For continuous  15 to 20 minutes  you have to whip the cream. If your one hand gets tired...then whip  with your another  hand...or ask for somebody 's help at home...but do not  stop whipping until it doubles in volume  and forms soft peaks.

Now garnish your cake,cupcakes  or any dessert  with this  whipped cream. ..or you can make chocolate  mousse, pecan pie using this whipped cream  and  make your kids happy.

Whipped cream  is a popular topping for fruit and desserts such as pie, ice cream, cupcakes, cake, milkshakes,waffles and puddings...make sure tour desserts are enough  cold before topping with whipped cream. ..otherwise whipped cream will get melted. It is also served on coffee, Whipped cream is used as an ingredient in many desserts and as a filling for layer cakes.

Store any unused portion in an airtight container for up to 10 hours. When ready to use, rewhisk for 10 to 15 seconds.

Light, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth whipped cream makes a delicious topping for desserts or cupcake or pie .... Unfortunately, it can not be used when you want cute piping designs that last throughout a day just for its softness...so use it as toppings. ..do not use it for piping to  decorate a cake.


  1. very nice...but we can't use it for piping :(

  2. Wht if the whipped cream is dilute?
    I didn't separate out the thick cream using a strainer instead I mixed thin n thick cream.
    Wht to do?
    Help me out here please.

    1. It would have been easy for you if you had separated the thin portion..but ok..no...just follow the step by step methods...then u ll also get the same result

  3. That looks amazing. Did you whip it with hand whisk? How much time it took for that. Did the cream double in volume with hand whisk?

  4. You whipped cream recipe so simple and less hectic. Trying it with Amul fresh Cream will be fun. Good work, thanks for sharing it.

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