Watermelon Kheer (Indian Style Watermelon Pudding )


                      WATERMELON KHEER...(INDIAN STYLE                                                WATERMELON PUDDING )

It is too hot now days. So beat the heat today  I am presenting  delicious  chilled watermelon  kheer.


  • Watermelon -2 cup (remove  seeds,and then cut into  cubes)
  • Milk-1ltr
  • Condensed milk -1tin
  • Green Cardamom Powder -1/2tsp
  • Cashew nuts -2tbsp 
  • Rose Water -1tsp 

Put the milk to boil in a pan,bring it to boil,when it will start boiling let it simmer on low flame....keep stirring,cook gently till the milk is reduced to half

Add condensed milk,green cardamom powder  and cashew nuts.... simmer for 5 minutes till it thicken

Remove from the heat, let it be cool like  water.

 Then put watermelon pieces and rosewater.Before adding  watermelon  pieces. .make sure  the milk  is cool...otherwise  due to  sourness  of  watermelon. .milk can be curdled.

Keep it in fridge  for 1-2 hrs..then take out. .and enjoy chilled  watermelon kheer...

It really taste good...here watermelon is getting soaked  in chilled creamy  milk...juice comes out from  watermelon and mix with milk.So when you have it...you will get the  taste  of watermelon  along with creamy milk.



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