Kaju Paneer ( Indian Cottage Cheese Cooked in Cashew nuts Gravy )


           Kaju Paneer  (Paneer  or Indian Cottage Cheese Cooked  in Cashew nuts Gravy)

Paneer  or Indian Cottage Cheese is   pretty bland on it's own, so whenever  I cook paneer I love to do experiment with it.This time I cooked a simple paneer preparation  with cashew nuts paste. The gravy was so creamy...I am sure you all will love it specially  your kids

Preparation Time - 15 minutes
Cooking Time - 15
Servings -4


Paneer -250gm
Onion Paste- 1 medium size ( boiled  and grind )
Ginger Paste -1tbsp
Kaju Paste(Cashew nuts paste ( -1/2cup(soaked in water and grind )
Kismis  (Raisin )-1tbsp (soaked in water and grind )
Green chilli paste -1tsp
Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder -2tsp
Salt to taste
Bay leaf-1
Green Cardamom -2
Chinamon stick - 1/2inch
Vegetable oil - 2tbsp
Water -1 cup


Heat oil and ghee in a pan
Temper the oil with bay leaf, green cardamom and chinamon stick
Add onion paste...fry until light brown
Add ginger paste and green chilli paste ...mix and stir until oil gets separated
Add kashmiri red chili powder, salt and sugar. ..cook for 1 minute ..if required sprinkle some water
Add kaju or cashew nuts paste and kismis or raisins paste..mix and stir..cook for 1 minute
Add 1 cup water..bring it to boil...once the water will start boiling....reduce the flame...add paneer. ..cook for 2 minutes. ..switch off the gas.
Transfer the dish into a serving bowl...the gravy should not be very watery .

Serve hot with any indian bread like roti,chapati,naan or porotha...or you can enjoy it with any rice dish.



  1. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask me

  2. Gosh!! This dish is tempting. Love those flavours.

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