Jalebi (A Favourite Indian Sweet )


Jalebi is a very popular  sweet that is made throughout India, Pakistan, and the Middle East. We bengali call it Jilipi. It is a traditional dish that is an important part of many celebrations like birthday, wedding  and festivals  like ramdan,Diwali and many more.Today I am going to share this Jelebi recipe step by step..though  the shape was not perfect but taste was so good.It was too crispy .


Ingredients Of Making Jalebi Batter 

 1cup  all-purpose flour (maida)

2 tbsp Bengal gram flour or Besan

3⁄4 cup plain yogurt, 

1/2 tsp baking soda

2 tbsp  melted ghee or clarified butter

3-4 threads saffron

Water as needed 

Method Of Jalebi Batter 

Whisk together the dry ingredients in  a bowl.

Then add the yogurt and melted ghee, and stir well to form a thick batter.

Finally, add the saffron ...mix it very well

Your batter should be a thick  like pan cake  or vada batter.Make sure about  the thickness  of the batter...otherwise  the jalebi form can not be made.

If the batter is too thick, add little bit water and stir.
If the batter is too thin, add one tablespoon  flour and mix.

Cover the bowl and leave the batter to ferment in a warm place for  6-7 hours . The batter will rise and  fluffier.


Ingredients Of Making Sugar Syrup 

1 cup water

1 cup  granulated sugar

3-4 threads saffron

Method Of Making Sugar Syrup 

Add sugar and water to a pan and bring to a boil. Turn the heat down until it is just bubbling. Cook the syrup until  single string form .Watch the syrup carefully to make sure it doesn't burn.

The sugar syrup should reach  the  single thread stage..it means,  dip a spoon into sugar syrup,lift it out. Wait a moment and carefully pick up a drop of syrup on your finger. Then touch your finger to your thumb and pull them apart slowly to see how many strings of syrup form. For this recipe, you want a single string syrup.If no thread forms, or it breaks quickly, your syrup is not yet cooked enough.If multiple strings forms,  then it has been overcooked...and need to add some additional water or begin again. When your sugar syrup  is ready,remove  from heat.

Ingredients Of Frying  Jalebi 

Jalebi batter



Method Of Frying Jalebi 

Heat the oil in a wok.Fill  with mixing of ghee or oil for deep frying.

Take a plastic bag..give the batter  a quick stir with spatula,do not over mix...pour the batter into the plastic bag while the oil is heating and cut a small hole in one corner of it when you are ready to dispense the batter.

Using your plastic bag , squeeze the batter into the hot oil in coils or spirals that are about 2" wide. [12] Only make 3-4 jalebi at a time to avoid crowding the pan.Forming the jalebi is the tricky part, but once you get the motion down it will be as easy as, well, jalebi .



Fry the jalebi until they are crisp and golden brown. After a minute or two, flip the jalebi over so they cook on both sides. Then remove them from the oil and drain for a moment on paper towels.

Soaking The Jalebi  into Sugar Syrup 

Soak the jalebi in the syrup. Place the jalebi into the syrup while they are still hot, and let them soak for  2-3 minutes. Turn the jalebi over once so both sides have a chance to soak.

Remove the jalebi from the syrup and serve,let them be little bit cool down.Serve it .


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    2. Thanks di..I shared your chole bhature recipe on G+ and Facebook, please check them out.

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