Virgin Mojito Popsicle

Mojito is basically a alchohol based drink but a mojito that does not have alchohol in it is a virgin mojito. 
It is very popular refreshing drink in  a hot summer afternoon or it can be a perfect mocktail of your summer party.Now my daughter's summer vacation is going on,just to give her a cool treat I decided to make a nice virgin mojito version in popsicle form. 
Preparation Time-5Minutes
Making Time-5 Minutes
Setting Time-2 hrs



Mint leaves-15 to 20
Lemon Juice-1/4+1/4 cup
Sprite-300 ml
Sugar-2teaspoon(superfine)(Grind normal sugar in a grinder to get superfine sugar.)


In a small bowl, muddle 3/4 th mint leaves.

Add sugar and lime juice and whisk to combine.

Pour mixture into your blender and run on low until mint is roughly chopped.

Turn blender off and mix in sprite

Drop mint leaves (if desired) into your molds.

Pour your vigin mojito into the molds and freeze for minimum 2 hours.

Enjoy on a nice hot day with these pepsicole.