Kolkata Fish Fry

Kolkata is a famous city of India which serves you varieties of street foods.Today I am going share Kolkata style fish fry which is made using  popular Bengali fish, bhetki fish fillets.
If you do not get bhetki fish then you can use any other white fish fillets.If you use any other fish except bhetkit then taste will be different from authentic fish fry.Bengali style fish fry is one of the most popular Bengali snack,served with kasundi or Bengali mustard sauce(English mustard sauce can also be used) and ring onions.It can be served as a starter in any party.It is one of the populer item in the menu of any Bengali wedding.


Fish Fillets- 6 Medium Piece (Preferably bhetki fish fillets or Any other white fish fillets)

Ingredients Of Marination

Lemon Juice-1teaspoon

Salt-1 pinch

Onion paste-2tablespoons

Garlic paste-1tablespoons

Ginger paste -1teaspoon

Green chilli paste -1teaspoon

Coriander paste-1tablespoon

Garam masala powder-1 teaspoon(Roast 4 each cloves, green cardamom,cinnamon and then grind to make a fine powder)

Salt to taste

Tomato ketchup -1tbsp

Ingredients Of Frying

Salt -1pinch

Ingredients Of Batter

Besan chickpea flour-1/2cup

Salt -1pinch

Water-3tablespoons(adjust quantity of water according to the thickness of batter,just make sure batter should not be more thick or thin)


Bread crumbs-2cups


Wash the fillets under running water, pat them dry.

Add salt and lemon juice,mix well and keep them aside for 20 minute.

Mix chopped coriander and green chillies in a grinder and grind to make fine paste using little water.

Add  ginger garlic paste,mustard paste, black pepper powder, coriander and green chilies paste ,tomato sauce,garam Masala powder and vinegar in a flat and big bowl.Mix them properly. Add fish fillets in this mixture and apply on the each of the fillet evenly and refrigerate it for another 30 minutes.

Meanwhile beat the eggs and mix with little salt.

Take 1cup besan or chickpea flour and little bit salt in a plate and mix

Coat the fish piece with besan,then dip into egg mixture.And then coat with bread crumbs properly.Do this process with remaining fish pieses .

Place oil in a non-stick frying pan to cover the base. Heat over medium heat.Add pinch of salt (when you deep fry something,add pinch of salt in oil,it absorb lees oil)

Add fish  pieces(according to the size of your frying pan  ) in oil and deep fry on medium flame until golden brown.Turn the fish pieces and fry the other side until golden brown .

Take them out from pan and keep them on absorbent  paper.
Serve with kasundi or Bengali mustard sauce  or if you do not have Bengali mustard sauce..you can also use English mustard with ring cut  onion or

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