Bhapa Sandesh...
* Milk: 1 liter
* Powdered sugar: 2-3 tbsp
* Rose Water:5-6 drops
* Lemon juice: 1
* Chopped Roasted Almonds 7-8

Method:-The main ingredient of Bhapa Sandesh is Chana or Cottage Cheese,first we learn how to make Chana or Cottage cheese at home.

Procedure of making Chana or Cottage Chesse
*Take a pan, add milk, bring it boil, then add lemon juice, wait for sometimes untill milk starts curdling, once milk curdles,separate the Chana from water, put the Chana in a pure cotton cloths, squeeze it very well, place it in containers for a while,
*Mix the chana with rose water, and knead it very well softly just with finger tips for around 10 minutes,
*Heat ghee in a pan, add chana and  sugar, mix it very well, stir it for 5 minutes in low flame,
*Take a aluminium pan, or steel lunch box, place the chana, very well, fold it with foil paper or cover with lid,
*Steam it either in pressure cooker or on a gas stove by putting a vessel filled half with water. The tray or the foil should float on it (not immersed completely)
*Steam it for 15-20 minutes, take off from the heat, cool it off,

Cut the sandesh into pieces and garnish with chopped almonds.

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