Aam Doi or Mango Flavored Kolkatta Special Sweet Yogurt.


Aam doi  or Mango Flavored Sweet  Yougurt  is very famous in West Bengal. This Aam Doi is flavorful and very much refreshing in summer days. During my last visit to Kolkata...I tasted Aam doi from a sweet shop...it was the first time,I tasted it...believe me...the taste was awesome ...This is not a baked yogurt. This is the yogurt made with Fresh Mango Pulp.All of you know that Kolkata  is popular  for its famous Mishti Doi or Sweet Yougurt. ..the taste of Aam Doi is same like Mishti Doi...In Aam doi,you wil get the nice flavour of mango......



Ripe Mango - 1
Full Fat Milk - 1ltr.
Yougurt  - 1 cup
Condensed milk - 1/4cup


1)Take the ripe mango and peel it. Now chop the mango into chunks.

2)Keep 3/4 chunks...mashed with hands to make mango pulp.

 3)To make  mango puree by grinding the remaining  chunks in a food processor mixing  little  bit water .

4) Now take the milk in a sauce pan..add sugar and mix it well and place on heat, bring it boil till the quantity becomes 1/4 of the original amount and colour would  be reddish.Keep stirring  to prevent burning from the bottom.

5)Turn off the heat and let the milk to cool down. The milk should cool .

6)Take a glass or bone china bowl, pour the milk ...add the curd and condensed  milk in it...mix them all together. Make sure there is no lumps.

7)After  mixing them, add the mango puree to the milk mixture and again mix them gently.Now add  mango pulp..mix them properly. .cover with lid.

 8)Place the Aam Doi mixture  for overnight  or until the yogurt sets.

9)In the morning ,place the Aam Doi  inside the refrigerator for chilling.

Just before serving..take it out from refrigerator...and enjoy chilled Aam Doi...or Mango Flavored  Sweet Yougurt.

If you want to serve Aam Doi in a individual bowl...then at night pour milk curd mixture(step 6)into individual bowl...add 1tsp mango puree..and 1/2tsp mango pulp..and mix it properly. .cover with lid. ..and keep it for overnight or until  the yogurt  sets.



  1. If you have any queries. .or like this recipe. .feel free to ask me.

  2. Looks delicious.. I would prefer this one to the plain mishti doi . as I love mango flavour.

    1. Thanks dear..if you are mango lover, you should try it..it is very famous sweet in west Bengal

  3. Nice recipe..looks delicious.