Macher chop.....it is a  Bengali style fish croquette. It is a perfect tea time snack. Generally it is made with some popular Bengali fishes like Rohu  or Rui,Bhetki or Barramundi,Katla but it can made with some other fishes which have less bone or are boneless.If you some fish fillets in  your fridge. .hen you can also make it.It is served with some raw onions  ring and kasundi  or Bengali  style mustard sauce..you can also  use english mustard  here.


Boneless Fish or Fish with less bone or Fish Fillets -250 gm
Onion Chopped-1
Garlic Paste-1 tsp
Ginger Paste-1tsp
Chopped Green chillies -2
Mashed Potatoes -1(Big)
Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp
Roasted Cumin Powder - 1 tsp (dry roast the cumin powder,then grind to make a fine powder )
Garam Masala powder -1tsp
Coriander Powder - 1tsp
Red chilly powder -1tsp
Salt to taste
Oil-1 cup +1tbsp


Besan or Gram Flour-1cup
Water-1/2cup (it require,you can add  more...just make sure the batter should not be very thin or thick )
Salt to taste
Breadcrumbs -1cup


Clean the fish pieces. In a deep pan add water, cleaned fish pieces, turmeric powder, bay leaf and salt...let it boil on medium flame.

 cook until fish pieces with  are cooked.

Switch off the gas. With a spatula  take out the fish from the broth. Strain the broth.

Let the fish pieces cool down. If you are using fish with bone, then discard skin and fish bones, mash the fish.

Mix the mashed fish with mashed boiled potatoes.

 In a pan heat 2 tbsp oil, when the oil is hot add chopped onion. Cook untill golden brown.

Add ginger garlic paste, chopped green chillies. .and mix all together. Cook until the raw smell of masala paste goes away.

Add mashed fish and potatoes.. cook for 2-3 min, add salt, roasted cumin powder, red chilly powder,garam masala powder, coriander powder  and cook for 2-3 min until  a nice aroma comes out.

Switch off the heat, let the mixture cool down.

Take some portion and make flat round patties from the mixture.

Take a bowl,add besan and  gramflour,salt and water..mix well to  make a batter...then dip all fish patties  into batter...coat with breadcrumb. . keep them on a plate..and put it in the fridge  for 10 minutes

Heat oil in kadai...add pinch of salt..(when you deep fry something. .add pinch of salt in oil....it absorb lees oil)

Add 4 to 5 coated fish pieces(according to the size of your kadai ) in oil...and deep fry on mefium flame until golden brown colour...Take them out from kadai...and place them on kitchen Paper

Your Macher Chop  or Bengali  Style Fish Croquette is ready. ..serve it with mustard sauce and onions ring .


  1. Wish I could have them right now:)My mouths watering. Its awesome

    1. Thanks dear...wish I also could send some...

  2. can't resist myself...feel like grabbing one

  3. Awesomely tempting. The coating has created a lovely crispy outer layer.