Mango Icecream ( Without Icecream Maker)

There is summer season in India,Indian market is now flooded with different types of delicious mangoes.It is the best time to make any dish using mangoe.This time I made Mango Icecream.

This is easy to make icecream recipe,you will need just three ingredients to make it .This mango icecream so creamy, rich and soft.Homemade icecream is always better than store bought icecream as it has no artificial colours and flavours .When we make icecream at home without icecream then we see some ice crystal in the cream,we have to churn it or blend it in a blender at number of times for getting a ice crystal free icecream.But in this recipe you do not need to churn or blend the inecreeam mixtures to get creamy,soft icecream.

Preparation Time-15Minutes
Setting Time-8hours
Category-Dessert,Summer Coolers,Fruits Special



  • Mango Pulp-2 mangoes(cut into halves and scoop out with a spoon)
  • Mango-1(chopped)
  • Condensed Milk-1/2cup
  • Fresh cream/Whipped Cream-2cups( Here I used Amul Fresh Cream)

Keep a bowl,whisker and cream in a refrigerator for atleast two hours

Add Mango pulp and condensed milk in a blender,blend it until smooth and creamy texture.

Take out cream,bowl,and whisker from fridge.

Add cream into the chilled bowl,whip it whisker until soft pick form.

Add Mango and condensed milk mixture gradually to the whipped cream ,fold it with a spatula slowly until they are well combined.

Pour this mixture into a container

Add chopped mango and mix

Cover it with aluminium foil

Keep it in the freezer for atleast 8hours or overnight.

After that take out icecream from freezer.

Dip your scoop into the warm water.

Scoop out icecream from the container and serve.

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  1. Nicely done, I will be trying this for sure. My hubby loves mango icecream, bdw you can even post your recipe in this fb group https://m.facebook.com/groups/1913322032238756

  2. Hi,
    Been quite sometime we have not been in touch. Hope all is fine with you. Sometimes I really miss my regular virtual world friends like you. Mango ice cream of course is forever a splendour. I just anything with mangoes. Yum.

  3. yummy mango ice cream! lovely clicks!

  4. This soounds so refreshing, love mangoes!

  5. Perfect for summer. Ice cream looks delish

  6. Why do you dip the scoop in warm water?

    1. Hi..If you feel that your Icecream is little bit hard ..then it will come out easily if you dip the school in warm water..it is my opinion

  7. Hi Moumita, mangoes are one of my favorite fruits, I bet this ice cream is delicious, love the color.

  8. MAngo ICe cream looks lipsmacking. perfect summer treat

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