Strawberry Virgin Mojito

    Strawberry  Virgin  Mojito 

Ingredients:-(For 1 Glasses )

Lemon -1 (cut into wedges )
Mint  Leaves -4
Peppermint Powder-1/2tsp (I used Polo Peppermint)
Ice cubes-1/2 cup 
Club Soda or Sprite -1cup
Sugar -2tbsp(if you use sprite...then no need to add sugar)
Blue Lagoon  Syrup/Curacao syrup (optional ) -1/4 cup

Method :-
Add lime,Mint leaves, Strawberries and Sugar into a glass.Use a long handled  muddler or wooden spoon to muddle the ingredients until mint leaves and strawberries are pulverized and lime have released all their juices.

Add Club Soda or Sprite  and ice cube

Add Blue Lagoon Syrup...stir and serve.

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