Mango season  is almost  going to end in India. I love making dish using  mango ,before I made
Mango Rasgullas...Aam Rasgolla..Mango Flavored Cheese Ball in Sugar Syrup  and many more.

Few days  back,my daughter  returned  from  school...and want to have something  special....something special?????  Then I started  thinking  what dish could be Something Special....wait wait...got it...she loves  pancake..she also loves mango ....why  not mango pancake. ..it could  be her Something Special  dish which can make her happy.So I  had entered  into the kitchen  and made some yuuuuuumy  mango pancakes for my little princess...she loved  it...and her mamma also.

Preparation Time -5 minutes 
Cookie Time-  15 minutes 
Servings -  6


1/4 cup butter, melted
1 large egg or 1/4cup beaten  Yogurt 
1 cup  milk
1 cup all purpose flour
1-1/4 teaspoon baking powde
2 tablespoon white granulated sugar
1 cup chopped & diced mango
1/2 cup pureed mango

Combine the melted butter with egg or yogurt  and milk and mix until smooth.

Then add flour, baking powder, and sugar. Slowly add mango puree while while mixing.
Mix well.

Add chopped  mango  chunks .And mix.Mix lightly..do not fully mix in  it.

Brush little bit oil on a nonstick pan .

Spoon batter into a hot non stick skillet over medium heat .

With  spoon, form the batter into the pancake quickly.

Let cook for about 1 minute, until batter starts to bubble and set up .

Flip and cook for an additional minute, until golden brown.

Transfer to a plate and continue cooking remaining pancakes

  Serve pancakes with warm maple syrup or honey

Garnish with diced mangoes on top...I had some cherries  in fridge...my daughter put cherry on top...


  1. The Mango pancakes are gorgeous. You have made them with so much love that it its shining through in its crisp golden hue. Very nice.

    1. Hey thanks dear...I have lots of virtual freinds. .you r one of them to whom I feel some special. Your lovely comments each and every time motivate me to make more more yuuuuuumy and innovative dishes.Thanks agai dear

  2. Awesome.. I love mango flavour.. will surely try out sometime.

    1. Thanks Shobha..I also love mango..my favourite fruit.

  3. Mango pancake sounds really delicious and interesting!! Got to try it one of these days.

    1. Thanks +Shibi dear...it was so delicious. .try it...and let me know how it is.

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