Orange Iced Tea

I love iced tea specially with lemon flavour.It is a perfect summer drink for me.I  had some oranges in my fridge,so this time I made my iced tea with fresh orange juice.

If you are iced tea lover, then you will give this one a try because I promise you, you will ended up loving it.

Preparation Time-5 Minutes
Making Time-5 Minutes
Serving-2 Glasses

Orange juice-2cup
Water-1 cup
Tea leaves-2 teaspoons
Sugar- 2 teaspoon s
Mint leaves-6+6
Ice cubes-12


Heat water in a pan and bring it to boil

When it will start boiling,add 2 tea leaves and 6 mint leaves and sugar

Switch off the gas,cover with lid,then simmer for 1 minute

Keep aside ,let it come to room temperature

Fill 1/2portion of a tall 
glass with cubes
Pour tea1/4th of each glass through a strainer

Add few mint leaves

Pour orange juice to fill the glass

You can pour it into pepsicole mold,and make some pepsicole also.

Serve immediately
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