Pasta Fruit Salad

Chauna, a very humble and kind lady.I met with her in South Africa few years back.She is my hubby's colleague's wife.We two spent some good times together.
She is from Philippines. She taught  me a delicious Filipino dish called Pasta fruit salad.Fruit salad is common dish that is almost always present in every Filipino's holiday festivities.It is very easy to make,fresh and delicious.You can use it as salad,side dish or dessert whatever you like



Preparation Time-5  minutue

Cooking Time-10 minutes
Setting  Time-3/4 hours

Pasta-1 cup (except spaghetti you can use any kind of pasta)
Apple-1/2cup(cut into small chunks)
Watermelon-1/2 cup (cut into small chunks)
Orange-1 small
Banana-1 small(cut into small pieces)
(You can use any kind of fruit according to your choice .)
Condensed Milk-200 grams tin
Fresh cream-1 1/2 cup
Cherry -few for garnishing


Cook pasta as directed on package,drain,rinse with cold water to cool.Drain well.

In a large bowl,combine cooked pasta,all fruits,condensed milk and cream,mix gently.

Cover the bowl with lid,keep in the fridge for 1 hour then serve garnished with a cherry on top.

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  1. Recently I prepared fruit custard which is similar to this recipe...lovely...