My family  means my husband  and daughter love frech fries very much...who doesn't. Do you know they  go to  Macdonalds  just for French Fries...sometimes  they go there  after having  heavy  meal...so there is no place for burger in their tummy...if I ask them what  will  you  have  now?They reply...... ours favourite  French Fries.
This time I tried  to make  Macdonalds  style French fries  at home...I can not say that  these are as perfect as MacD french fries. .but taste are almost same.

Potatoes -250 gms
Corn Flour -1/4th portion of potatoes strips
Salt to taste
Oil-1 cup and 2tbsp
Chilled Water-2cups


Peel the potatoes and cut into 1/4 inch  thick long strips

Soak potatoes strips in chilled water for 30 minutes


Heat 2 tbsp  oil  in deep pan

Shallow fry potatoes strips for 2 minutes in batches

Drain on the paper towel

Let them cool

Sprinkle corn flour over the fries

Toss to coat evenly

Put them in airtight container

Put the container  in a freezer  for minimum 1 hour

Heat 1 cup oil in a deep pan..add small amount of potatoes  strips into the oil in batches.

Fry the frozen potatoes strips  into hot oil..deep fry until golden . Remove  from pan..and keep them in a strainer  not into the paper towel.
Season with salt.                                                                  
Serve hot with tomato sauce.

Note:You can store this  frozen potatoes strips  in the freezer for 3 days..whenever  you  want to fry them..just take them out from freezer  and fry into hot oil.


  1. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask me

  2. Moumita the story is same in many households. Thanks for making it at home. At least we now have a recipe mimicking Mac Donald's French fries. This way can make it at home whenever there is a demand for it instead of heading to Mac Donalds

    1. True dear..even if now I can make my daughter happy by making it for her tiffin.

  3. wow yummy looking dish here. :) Inviting and super tempting :) Beautiful pics :)

  4. Good recipe dear! We love french fries. It's same story here too:)

    1. Thanks a lot...Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani😊😊😊😊